The E Group Concessions are located in Northwestern Ecuador. The humid rain forests and montane forests of this region connect the high Andes to the coastal lowlands, and are characterized by many micro-climates and habitats, both of which contribute to the remarkable diversity found in these forests. The 77,000 hectares of mixed forest and agricultural land is home to thousands of small-scale, subsistence farmers and serves as habitat for several endemic and endangered species of wildlife. The Nature Conservancy categorized this region’s forests as one of the world’s top ten biological hotspots for threatened biological diversity. The proposed invasive exploration for precious metals in the E Group Concessions further threatens the diverse natural ecosystems.

Biological Treasures

Some of the endangered species found in the region include:

1. Spectacled Bear
2. Jaguar 
3. Puma
4. Ocelot
5. Pudu 
6. Danta/Baird’s Tapir
7. Tapir de la costa
8. Spider monkey 
9. Mantled Howler Monkey
10. Silky Anteater 
12. Bush Dog
13. Pacarana
14. Plate-billed Mountain Toucan
15. Umbrella bird 
16. Gray-backed Hawk 
17. Peregrin falcon
18. Red-legged Honeycreeper 
19. Jaguarundi 
20. Plumbeous Forest-falcon


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