OroAndes Resource Corp is a Canadian mining company that gained recognition on the Toronto Stock Exchange in September of 2007. Until June 2008, they were known as Avalanche Minerals, Ltd. 

Since September 2007, OroAndes has gained access to mining concessions in both the Cordillera del Condor in southern Ecuador and in the Choco forest of Northwestern Ecuador, where they want to open the landscape up for precious metal explorations. The 77, 992 hectare region in northwestern Ecuador is referred to collectively as the E Group Concessions and is made up of 18 individual segments. According to OroAndes, the E Group concessions may contain deposits of copper, gold, zinc and silver, among other metals. Presently, OroAndes wants to begin an invasive exploration to verify the geological deposits in the region.

OroAndes’ web site is www.oroandes.com.

Contacts at OroAndes:

OroAndes Resource Corp.
#910 – 510 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC
V6C 3A8
Tel:   604.662.8186
Fax:   604.662.8170
Email:   info@oroandes.com

Sandy MacDougall, President & CEO

Scott LeSage
, Secretary & Director

Murray Swales
, Chief Financial Officer

Carlos AriasVP International Projects  






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