The Coordinator for the Defense and Conservation of Northwestern Ecuador organization, or CODECONO, was formed by a group of people who live and work in the region that OroAndes hopes to develop.  

The bioregion OroAndes proposes to exploit is an internationally recognized hotspot of biological diversity, rich in endemism and home to communities (like ours!) dependent on the health of the ecosystem for their livelihood. In recent years, many important initiatives have promoted and provided training, infrastructure, and institutional support to develop sustainable economic alternatives and skills for new business ventures in the region. Eco- and community tourism, organic agricultural production, and cottage industries such as cheese factories and crafts cooperatives have all had great success in recent years.

A large mining project such as the one proposed would undermine the efforts that are being made toward a long-term and sustainable future for local communities. CODECONO is committed to working with local communities to oppose mining in Northwest Ecuador, to protect the threatened rainforests of the region, and to develop viable alternatives to OroAndes’ devastating plans. 






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