July 2008

At the end of June, 2008, Avalanche Minerals, Ltd., changed its name to OroAndes Resource Corporation, and launched a new website with information on another mining project that they are pursuing in Colombia.  Their new web site is posted on the sidebar.


The following is a press bulletin sent to the media about the results of a meeting in Los Bancos on June 6, 2008




Today, in the presence of the mayors of three municipalities of northwestern Pichincha province, it was declared that northwestern Pichincha will be a mining-free zone. During the event, a letter was read from a member of the Constitutional Assembly, Martha Roldos, who was not able to participate in the forum due to inescapable commitments in the Assembly. In it, she acknowledged the resolution by the municipal administration that prohibits mining in the municipality of San Miguel de Los Bancos, with the exception of mining for sand and rocks for cement.


The residents of Los Bancos were informed of the negative effects that mining activity would bring, particularly the irreversible contamination of water sources, the loss of local vegetation, and of the social conflicts that have arisen as a result of mining in the Choco Andino, one of the 5 most biodiverse zones on the planet, of which Northwestern Pichincha Province is a part. 
 The event wrapped up by securing the commitment of other mayors in the region to organize similar informative forums with their respective populations.


The anti-mining resolution was supported by members of environmental, social, and community organizations, and by the inhabitants of Los Bancos. The concern and astonishment of the residents, who worried that the exuberance of the zone could be transformed into a devastated territory, was widely noted.


Coordinator for the Defence and Conservation of Nothwestern Pichincha CODECONO